5 Ways to Put the ‘Energy’ Into Your Renewable Energy Marketing

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Here’s the stark reality: according to the Missouri Institute of Science and Technology, it takes no more than 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website. That’s a twentieth of a second for them to decide whether to stay or leave.

So ask yourself this; is your business website really delivering the value and engagement that consumers want?

First impressions count, and a positive first experience primes the user to expect greater satisfaction from interacting with your company - turning them from browsers into potential customers. So here’s how you can make your website a more effective marketing tool.

Renewable Energy Marketing Message

1. Customer-focused messaging

Understanding what your customer wants is a key step in delivering an effective message. For renewable energy companies, the main motivators for consumers include energy costs, and the environment.

Utility bills are a significant pain point for customers, especially in this age of economic uncertainty. Businesses need to demonstrate they understand this concern, and clearly highlight the advantages of switching to renewable energy. A sophisticated interactive website allows potential customers to see how they could personally benefit from renewable energy. It could be as simple as inputting their own postcode.

Big Clean Switch has a tariff comparison on its very first page. It’s a good example of a focused approach that addresses an immediate consumer need.

The carbon footprint is a secondary concern for most people - indeed, research suggests only a quarter of the market uses eco-friendly energy for purely green reasons. But with renewables predicted to comprise 40% of global power generation by 2040, this will change. A tailored website will demonstrate your company’s sustainability credentials and position your business as socially responsible.

2. Quality content

Good content brings value to the customer as well as promotion for your business. Take a look at this clever piece of animation on the website of smart battery company Moixa. It shows how a household battery can work with solar panels to store energy during the day, and thus provide power all night.

Quality Content - Moixa Website

It’s simple yet effective, and answers a major question which understandably many customers will have: how does it work?

Video is another excellent tool for holding people’s attention. Marketing studies show users spend 60% more time on websites with video, than sites containing just text and graphics. Not only that, but people are more likely to share content which is engaging, funny, informative and insightful. And with the social media audience growing to some 2.5 billion people, shared content is crucial in building a dedicated audience.

3. User friendly

Quality content is pointless if it’s embedded in a badly designed site. According to research from Stanford University, 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. A clear, easy-to-use website is crucial. Visual appeal and clear navigation have a major impression on your company’s brand.

And remember that many users view websites on a variety of platforms, not just their desktop. A recent study suggests that consumers spend twice as much time on their mobile phones than computer screens – and this is true of almost every country, including the UK.

Responsive Web Design - KJC Creative

Businesses need an adaptive web design where layout and content are tailored for desktop, tablet and smartphone screen dimensions. If you can’t reach your audience on a variety of devices, you’re missing out.

4. Maximum reach

The vast majority of search traffic never gets to page 2 of Google’s search results. So making sure your website ranks highly for keywords is crucial.

Quality content and effective copy can significantly boost a website’s SEO, the foundation of any digital marketing strategy. You want your website to show up more often in online searches – not just so that more people see it, but also to legitimise your place in a busy market.

Implementing keyword SEO will help your site rank above your competitors and optimise your site for search engines. And with custom landing pages, you can target different audiences and direct more traffic towards your services, information and products.

5. Inspire loyalty

The challenge for any business in this consumer-savvy world of instant market-comparisons is keeping hold of customers. Renewable energy companies should be constantly interacting with consumers, keeping them up-to-date with new innovations and new products.

Blog on keeping warm

A well-designed website can speak directly to your audience. Invest in crafting industry-relevant articles and news stories to share on your site. Blogging is a great fit for businesses wanting to grow, and a powerful tool for communication. Link your blogs back to your main messages – how to cut heating bills, for example. Or how to reduce your carbon footprint. Everyone loves handy tips, and this kind of interaction generates good will and loyalty, a massive benefit for any company.

A strong business needs a strong website. Here at KJC Creative we understand niche markets, and we are experts in designing websites tailored to your requirements and customers needs.

A strong business needs a strong website. Here at KJC Creative we understand niche markets, and we are experts in designing websites tailored to your requirements and customer needs.

To learn more contact us today by email or call us on 01296 640278

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