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If you’re a design agency or CMO of a busy marketing department, you don’t need us to tell you that your people are your most important resource.

Keeping them motivated and enthusiastic will be one of your main priorities, however we all know that work and time constraints get in the way of the best of intentions.

So, if your team’s workload is a tad demanding or perhaps you feel they need more skip in their step, then here’s some ways to make them feel more valued and give them renewed creativity by bringing in an external design agency and the reasons why it works so well.


As a CMO of a busy in-house marketing team, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is that it’s easy for other departments to undervalue your team’s time and the resources available. They don’t always take into account that you are working on multiple projects and can sometimes place undue pressure on your team, making meeting deadlines a struggle. Bringing in an external agency can help you reprioritise your projects and workload, giving your team new ideas in approaching tasks and lightening the load. This will give your team much needed creative space and leave them feeling appreciated, which almost always results in increased productivity.

Laser focused specialty

As a design agency, your clients may expect you to be their one-stop-shop for all things creative. With technology moving so quickly you may be asked for a specialty that you simply don’t have in-house. Here you need to think ‘sniper’ mentality, by bringing in an expert white label agency to focus on the task in hand. This way of working has been proven to benefit everyone. By outsourcing your work to a reputable white label agency, you know you are going to get great results, therefore keeping your client happy. Your team, if exposed to the work whilst in progress, get to develop new skills that could be used in-house for future projects. Everyone is happy.

Outside perspective and inspiration

Bringing in external resource can be a breath of fresh air with a much-needed infusion of fresh ideas, which can stagnate over time in an internal group. Often other agencies have worked with other businesses in your industry, so they have a good sense for what has worked well and what is new and exciting. While they may not have the complete depth of understanding of your brand and history, this can also be a benefit, because they can often see opportunities that might not be as readily visible from the inside or just might have been overlooked. It might be just what you need to get the good to the great.

Keeping a competitive edge with industry best practices

There’s endless talk in the creative and marketing industry about the evolving landscape that we work in. Tactics and tools that worked yesterday, won’t necessarily be effective tomorrow. Competition is tough with the lightening pace of technology and, if you’re caught singing the same old tune, your business may get left behind. Luckily, agencies bread and butter is dependent on staying on top of the latest creative and digital marketing best practices. Creative agencies often have the first crack at the latest, ground-breaking technologies and educational marketing conferences – most of which simply aren’t within reach for in-house marketing teams. When bringing in external resource, you and your team get to tap into this knowledge.

Flexible and cost-effective

Finally, let’s not forget about the bottom line, it has to be financially viable to work with external agencies. Fortunately, working with an external design agency can be a flexible and cost-effective solution as it makes it very easy to scale an engagement up or down, sometimes on a month-by-month basis. When you have a big project, you quickly scale up the agency work to support it. Then when the project is over, you simple reduce your agency investment and spend that money in other places.

If you’re in need of creative support, then get in touch with us. With extensive experience working with in-house marketing teams and also as a white label agency, we have the flexibility and breadth of knowledge that is essential for these partnerships.

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