To Brochure, or Not to Brochure: That Is the Question

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With all of the technology ‘noise’ out there today, brochures are now the new way to standout

If you’re in a customer facing industry, then sending out a subtle message about the calibre, professionalism and excellence of your business is no bad thing. Here’s five reasons how brochures do just that:

1. Tangibility

A printed brochure gets across the ‘personality’ of your business, whilst communicating your services. They also allow you to detail a lot of information to describe your services and products, as well as conveying more information than other printing options such as postcards or letters.

Furthermore, brochures can be shared with potential customers, loyal clients, business contacts, and other individuals. You save time and money when you have a succinct summary of your products and services readily available in your brochure.

2. Brochures are cost effective

Brochures can be a low-cost marketing plan compared with some online marketing options. And professional design agencies will work with you and your budget to design and produce a brochure reflecting your business. Costs will vary based on size, paper type, and quantity, however this is something your agency will work with you and advise on the best options available.

3. Convenience

Websites put the onus on the reader to ‘click’, ’download’ or ‘search’. Furthermore, they don’t provide an ongoing physical reminder of your firm. A printed brochure on someone’s desk is a constant reminder of your business and it’s user friendly; it can be taken home or read on a train, scribbled on and shared with others.

4. Integration with digital marketing

If you are also digitally marketing your business (and yes, you should be doing this as well), then you will find that printed brochures help drive traffic to your website or social media pages. Competitive markets are now using augmented reality readers in an innovative and eye-catching way bring their brochures, and their businesses, to life.

5. Brochures are easy to distribute

Your brochure can be placed anywhere your prospective customers are. From a trade show, your reception desk to hotel bedside tables. This allows your business to relay positive and accurate information to more people and attract new customers. As there is less mail being sent, printed material is getting great results for return on investment.

Most important - be sure to invest in a professional design and print production that makes your company standout. This is not a time for cutting corners, brochures reflect your business quality.

Need help with design? The skilled KJC Creative team can help you to create a brochure, that not only looks great, but also helps to achieve your goals. So, get started and contact us today!

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