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Mon Jun 21 2021

Introducing the new website and branding from Ballinger & Co., an independent provider of foreign exchange risk management and trading services company.

Ballinger & Co. Vision

Looking to strengthen its online presence and site authority, Ballinger & Co. approached KJC Creative to design and deliver a multi-page responsive website that would continue to support the brand’s market position in the financial services sector. With the brand’s original one page site not portraying the forward thinking, client focused approach of the business, KJC Creative needed to build a new site with more content, which was also fully optimised, in addition to developing reimagined branding.

KJC Creative Approach

Following the initial brand development work which gathered essential insights and in-depth competitor research, we proposed a new set of brand values, mission statement and brand essence as well as a new colour palette, typography and imagery. Once we had the brand definition finalised, we were then able to propose the designs for an eye-catching and professional website. With immediate sign off from first concepts, the designs were rolled out through the wireframing, design and build process, creating a unique approach to the branding through graphic HTML animations and a sophisticated and modern palette. We also selected WordPress for the site’s CMS system due to its efficiency and speed to market.

Running in conjunction with the web build, we also drafted all copywriting for the website in addition to running an SEO launch project to confirm keywords and fully optimising the site to support the brand’s digital position. 

Explore the brand-new Ballinger & Co. website to understand how our expert team at KJC Creative brings the essential technical and creative approach required to design and build a high-functioning, multi-page website.

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